Boran Breeding Policy

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  • ·         Our stud is 100% committed to breeding a Boran that can truly be the mother cow for South Africa because of her maternal traits.  Our bulls must be BULLS, heavy and deep in the forequarters with strong muscling over the back and loin.  Hindquarters must have just sufficient muscling. 
  • ·         We have taken the long route of building a stud with the best genetics and all breeding done naturally in an extensive environment.  This is in strong contrast to what most other breeders have been doing by simply multiplying geneticsrapidly to have animals to sell and make quick money.  By doing so we have established a stud heard that is fertile, can rear calves adiquitly and maintain body weight through dry winters without feeding.  At the same time we have pasionatly selected for all the trates such as disease resistance, tick resistance and a dosile nature that we believe will win the hearts of South African Cattle breeders.
  • ·         To breed polled Borans was from the start for us our obvious choice as more than 80% of commercial cattle Breeders prefer Polled Bulls. 


  • ·         We will not preach one thing and then do the opposite as is customary in the stud industry, as every breeder strives to breed the most expensive, oversized bulls forgetting in the process  what his breed is really all about and what it is meant to contribute to the South African cattle industry.
  • ·         The Zambians and Kenyan Boran breeders have been most successful in their effort to breed what is known as the improved Boran.  Our Stud has endeavored to take it one step further by using only the best South African indigenous genetics to broaden the genetic base and while doing so also improve some features of the Boran like pendulous sheaths.
  • ·         We have increased selection pressure both on our pure Borans and upgrades to make sure all our Borans have an excellent temperament such as the breed is supposed to have.
  • ·         We concentrate on a medium to small framed Boran with excellent balance between length depth and width.
  • ·         We do allow for variation in type to a point as without variation you cannot make genetic progress.
  • ·         In spite of the huge cost purchasing Boran genetics, we will in no way be spoining or over manage our Borans.  We are focused on breeding Borans that will be an asset to the South Afrian commercial cattle breeders.
  • ·         We have found that not all Borans have the ability to maintain condition in times of drought or during the winter as is claimed, but that there are defiantly some outstanding animals in this regard.  We are focusing on these animals getting the balance just right between amount of milk and the ability to maintain body weightThese two aspects are at constant war with each other and few breeders make the effort to select them in harmony.
  • ·         With our cow herd now firmly established with diverse getetics from outsich our aim now is to use our excellent stud sires to breed the bulls the industry will need in the future. 
  • ·         Also see management and feeding and recording for profitability on this website.

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