Boran Stud Bulls

Bulls currently being used in the stud

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The One

AJB 08-26 “THE ONE”:  A “Ceasar” on a full sister of “Eerlikheid”.  Our main reason for purchasing this bull was for his bloodline.  We where truly after a bull from the K6K 3094 bloodline.   He is a slightly bigger bull than our other bulls but still very good in balance and he really kept his condition exceptionally well during the winter without any supplementary feeding.   His first calves has come on and we know that its still very early but as baby calves they are showing a lot of promise and potential.


Boran Stud Bull B8246

B 08-246 “HEADBOY”  (Natural Polled) Son of KPO 1017 x Kim 4. His name derives from the screening that was done before the sale, one of the inspectors commented as the bull came in “G-WIZ HIS GOT A STRONG HEAD”.  Hence the name “HEADBOY”.  After the arrival of his first crop of calves that has been weaned we where blown away.  QUALITY QUALITY QUALITY!  This is a Sire that is true to the name sire.  Dominating his cows and stamping down his genetic footprint.  We still believe that no bull is perfect and will continue our breeding strategies regarding phenotype combined with performance figures.


BS 10-10 “ROYALTY”: Son of  TLM 05-526 “KONING”.  Due to our limited use of  the K6K 2459 bloodline we can now use some of the very best of this bloodline (in our opinion) in our stud.  Not being very fond of the bull “KONING” at the start we must admit that he bred some very good females.  Seeing this young bull at the National Sale 2013, of average size and good fat & muscle ratio we could not just ignore this great bull.  He is currently (November 2013) running with his cows, and he truly dominates his cows.  We are excited to see his first crop of calves to arrive.

u web

Polled Boran Stud bull – UMVUBU

TLM 03-65 “UMVUBU” (Naturally Polled) The Stud bull that we have been using since 2006.  His progeny has truly proven their worth to us.  He has never had any supplementary feeding of any kind since he has been here.  He is a good all-round bull. Many might have their opinion about the bull but they haven’t seen his calves, and that’s where we believe his strongest point lays.  We have had visitors that saw him at the sale where we purchased him in 2006, just after he came out of 80 Drakensberger cows and saw him now, they could not stop talking about WHAT A BULL he is.  We have also had “show champion breeders” from other breeds that wished that they could have this bull in their breed.  Irrespective of all the complements about him pheno-typically, its his performance and his progeny’s performance that we are excited about.


Bulls that has been used in the Stud or that we have Progeny of.



E 09-55 “LEGEND”:  HVT 04-18 x E 06-14.  We used him in the 2012 mating season.  After the arrival of his calves we can confirm that he is definitely an improvement on his father “Timmy” which we also owned.  The pigment of his calves are very good, with good underlines.  He is running in Heralds bay in redwater area at the moment.

HVT 04-18HVT 04-18 “TIMMY”:  HVT 98-14 x HVT 95-23.  Bull that we used in the 2011 mating season.  He is a very safe bull, giving very small calves at birth.  His first crop of heifers must still calve for us to evaluate his progeny properly.  His semen is available at Taurus.

c web

CC 09-53 “CHECKMATE” (Natural Polled).  A bull we bred our self out of a R14 Daughter. HVT 95-21 x TLM 5028



B 05-98 (Horned): K6K 2997 x ADC 8334.  We never used him personally or AI’d with him but we managed to purchase cows pregnant from him.


TLM 03-21TLM 03-21 (Natural Polled): K6K 2588 X KPO 961

HVT 95-21HVT 95-21 (Natural Polled): KPO 1603 x KPO 11


IMG_0478MHB 05-18Nite(Natural Polled): Solio 460 T x KPO 735.  A bull that we used in the stud for 3 yrs.  He produced calves with very good growth.