Production Sale

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 LOT 8: MAGIC! Sold R40 000

LOT 9 MAJESTY: A “ROYALTY” son.  SOLD. R 50 000


Lot 9 MAJESTY and Lot 9 MAGIC:  The two tried and trusted rams.

 67 Commercial ewes that will be on the sale.  All been running with young stud rams. SOLD for ave price of R1 320


Lot 11: CC 6030 TOP GUN, SOLD for R30 000

LOT 12: CC 6029 KLEIN TANK- Sold for R26 000.  Used in stud. Mother an excellent ewe LOT 17. If TANK was your type, you must not mis this ram.


 Lot 10: CC 6192 NAMPO MAGIC : Sold for R25 000

Sale ewes being served by CC 5310 a TANK son that we are using in the stud.


 Lot 56 and 57: Excellent Twin Tank son. STUD POTENTIAL. Mother had only twins.

SOLD FOR R16 000 and R17 000


 Lot 13:  CC 6425: GOOD CHOICE. Sold for R16 000


Excellent Two tooth ram serving the ewes going on the production sale.


 Lot 63: Sold for R23 000

Lot 37:Sold for R7 000

 Lot 4 on left, Sold for R4 500

SEAL running with some about 40 of the sale ewes.

Lot 17 was not on auction due to injuryLot 54 on right, sold for R6 000


Lot 48 on right: MARK HIM!!! Triplet Tank on a Loeries daughter.  One brother Lot 83. The other was kept for use in own stud.

CC 5310 running with some of the young ewe lambs going on the sale.
 Lot 43 on right: Sold for R7 500

Lot 35 on left . Sold for R15 000

Lot 84 on right: (Not sold)

 Lot 31 (left) Sold for R13 000

Lot 30 (right): R16 000

Young stud ram with young ewes going on the sale

Lot 19:  R 7 500


Lot 6: Sold for R8 000.

Lot 26: Left: Sold for R 8 000
Lot 46; Right: Sold for R11 000



Lot 73:  Sold for R7 500

Lot 4: R4 500

Lot 64 (right) Sold for R 5 000. Lot 51 (left) Sold for R 5 500.

Lot 27 (left) Not on sale, was kept back for own use. Lot 78.(right)Sold for R6 000.

Lot 87 (Left) Sold for R5 500

Lot 75: R 6 000

Lot 28; Sold for R 7 500

Lot 90: Sold for R 4 500.

Lot 39 (left): Sold for R10 000.
Lot 14 (right):Sold for R12 000.

Lot 58: Sold for R14 000.

Lot 2; (regs) Sold for R6 000
Lot 42; (links) R13 000

Lot 42: Sold for R13 000.

Lot 71: Sold for R4 500.


Lot 16;(left) Sold for R8 000
Lot 47:(right) Sold for R27 000.

Lot 3 (left):Sold for R5 000
Lot 80 (right): S

Lot 81: Sold for R4 500

Lot 33:Sold for R9 000

Lot 82: (right) Sold for R16 000
Lot 33: (left) Sold for R9 000

Lot 84 (right) Not sold
Lot 6 (left): Sold for R8 000.

Lot 91: Sold for R4 500

Lot 21 (left); Sold for R13 000

Lot 18 (on right); R16 000



Lot 20 (Left) Sold for R18 000

Lot 45 (right), Not on auction

Lot 21 (left); Sold for R13 000


Lot 18 (front); Sold for R16 000


 Lot 1: Sold for R6 000


 Lot 15: Sold for R 20 000

Lot 24: Sold for R20 000


 Lot 49: Sold for R11 000


Lot 68: Sold for R8 000


 Lot 7: Not on sale due to injury, will be offered at National Sale in August



The 31st Annual Production Sale of COLLETT FARMING CC held on 23 Feb 2017

 We are very pleased with our sale, it was truly a sale where the commercial breeder could get good quality rams at very fair prices. We divided the averages into groups for you, here the averages of the Rams are: For the group R3500 to R7000 there was 38 Rams and their Ave was R4 815.

For the group R7 500 – R12 000 there was 14 Rams with the ave of R 8 392.

The group R12 500 – R 20 000 there was 4 Rams with the ave of R17 750 and then the 5 expensive rams over R20 000 with the most expensive being TANK that sold for a record price for R210 000 and PICTURE PERFECT that sold for R 170 000

The most expensive ewe sold for R31 000.  The 2 most expensive Ram and the most expensive ewe all sold to Mr C Grobler of Dydimus Meatmasters.

HERE AT COLLETT FARMING, WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO CAME OUT TO SUPPORT US AND WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR TRUST IN OUR GENETICS.  We continue to strive and work hard at improving the quality, performance, toughness and genetic potential of our stud.  All extensively without the intervention of feed and/or licks. That has always been our promise and it will remain our promise. Off the veld 365 days a year, and only 6 weeks of finishing on the veld before a sale.


The FINAL OF THE RAM AND EWE CATALOGUE IS AVAILABLE for viewing. >>> click here<<<


Proven stud sires,Ewes and Young Rams on offer below:

Proven Sires:

CC 5029 “PICTURE PERFECT” son of “PRONK”  is a high quality ram with LOADS to offer any stud.   THIS PHOTO WAS TAKEN RECENTLY AS HE CAME OUT OF THE EWES. Mother is CRC 8371 one of the famouse twin ewes that sold for R22 000.

CC 5029 PicturePerfect


CC 5029 “PICTURE PERFECT” photo of when he was a lamb.


CC 5029 “PICTUREPERFCT” a ram with unique markings, and all round good conformation and body structure.

CRC 8371 (not on sale) – Mother of PICTUREPERFECT is the ewe on the left. These are the twin ewes that sold for R22 000.  


CC 3272 “TANK” Son of JUDGE.  A ram that is destined to leave a bigger leagacy than his grandfather BUCCANEER.  This Excellent Stud Sire has proven his worth in the stud with the quality of rams and ewes he has left in the stud.  Here is a wonderfull offer for the one who wishes to make a mark in the industry.  HE WILL BE ON OFFER WITH A RESERVE PRICE.

CC 4249 LOT 17 – Pronk seun vir `n jaar gebruik. Ma baie goeie ooi Buccaneer en Hercules in haar bloedlyn. Susters lot 64 en 67 /Uitstekende groei


CC 3273 “GENOMICS” – Lot 10  GENOMICS Used for two years with great success in the stud. His lambs speak for themselves. Mother excellent ewe lot 9




CC 4303 PLACID – Lot 12 : Pragtige Pronk seun Ma Bakgat dogter. Vir `n jaar in stoet gebruik. Lammers lyk baie belowend / Baie goeie hoeveelheid meerlinge.

CC 4393- Lot 11 – Uitstekende Kolkop seun. Ma reeds lammers verkoop vir R67 800. Twee jaar met groot sukses in stoet gebruik / Baie goeie syfers

Young Rams:

CC 5566 Lot 19- Genetics seun ma Judge dogter /Produksie Goeie groei

CC 5303 – Lot 3 – Genomics seun ma Kolkop dogter lot 92 /Produksie gemiddeld

CC 5309 Lot 31– Lucky son. Mother good ewe lot 16 / Very good growth

CC 5411- Lot 18 Genetics seun ma Judge dogter /Produksie gemiddeld

CC 5331- Lot 1 winskoop van die veiling!! Tweeling Genomics seun -ma Loeries dogter/ Produksie uitstekend alles bo gemiddeld

CC 5397 LOT 16-  Pragtige tweeling Lucky seun. Ma Judge dogter, uitstekende kombinasie /Goeie groei en uitstekende hoeveelheid meerlinge

CC 5401 Lot 39 – Twin Tank son. Mother Rooinek granddaughter. Twin brother lot 58 / Excellent figures

CC 5402 Lot 58 – Twin Tank son. Mother Rooinek granddaughter. Twin brother lot 39 / Excellent figures

CC 5487 Lot 29 – Pragtige Kolkop seun. Ma Loeries dogter / Uitstekende groei en baie meerlinge

CC 5492 Lot 43 – Tweeling Kolkop seun. Ma uitstekende ooi, Ma van Royalty/ Uitstekende syfers deurgans

CC 5582 – Lot 25 – Goeie Genomics seun Moeder lot 11 suster lot 45 / Uitstekende syfers

Some of the ewe photos.


CRC 1090 LOT 17: Van my heel beste. Uitstekende dogter van Ultimate, Ma van Ton verkoop vir R100 000 Griekwastad veldram. Embrio skenker soos min 22 lammers gegee


CRC 0330 LOT 22: Seker Rooinek se heel beste dogter.Tweeling broer verkoop R34000.Seun Genetics verkoop vir R26000 ander seun R17000/Produksie syfers uitstekend (click here to view Past Stud sires).  


CRC 0600 LOT 24: Pragtige Rooinek dogter. Seun verkoop Griekwastad veldram veiling aan Jean Du Plessis vir R45 000 /Uitstekende prestasie syfers.


CRC 1347 LOT 9: Briljante Buccaneer tweeling dogter. Sy is die ma van UITSTEKENDE STOETRAM GENOMICS wat ook aangebied word Lot 10


CRC 0029 LOT 18: Uitstekende Rooinek dogter. Haar seun CC 6030 is Tank se briljante opvolger in die stoet. Ooi ook uitstekende embrio skenker..


CRC 0215 LOT 71: Good Combo of ROOINEK and LOGO daughter.


CRC 0296 LOT 21: Exccellent BUCCANEER daughter. BUCCANEER on the well known CRC 6202. Excellent Embryo donor