Top 20 Rams for Production Sale 2015

CRC 2418 (7)CRC 2418 Lot 10 -Twin Muscle King son.  Used in stud for a year. Lambs are very promising.


CRC 2339 (6) CRC 2339 (14)

CRC 2339 – LOT 11: Young ram used in stud.  Grandson of HERCULES.  Breeds very correct and we would have like to keep him a year longer.

 CC 3470 (1)CC 3470 LOT 1:  ROOINEK and MUSCLE KING combination.  Young ewes of 12 months first lamb.  Number 1 always the best buy on the sale.  Good composition.


CRC 2271 (6) CRC 2271 (13)

CRC 2271 LOT 8: Used for a year in stud.  Typical of the growth that can be expected from PRONK.


CRC 1363 (10)

CRC 1363 LOT 7: One of the sires of our stud for a couple of years.  Highest BLUP values of any sheep I’ve ever bred.  Beautiful ROOINEK son.  His mother is LOT 66.  This ram has GROWTH GROWTH GROWTH !!!


CC 3445 (19)

CC 3445 LOT 32: Genetics Twin son.  Brother LOT 60.  This ram has very good conformation.


CC 3390 (3)

CC 3390 LOT 54: Twin BLUP son with good figures.  He has very good conformation.


0560CC 0560 PRONK LOT 6.  Its only obvious that he is one of the Top 20 rams.  Used very successfully in the stud!


CC 3367 (1) CC 3367 (8)

CC 3367 LOT 52: Twin MUSCLE KING son.  Good figures. Slight horns but very good muscling and hindquarter.


CC 3337 (26)

CC 3337 LOT 24: MUSCLE KING on a ROOINEK daughter.  Mother was brilliant.  Also the mother of GENETICS our current stud ram.  His breeding makes him one of the best as well.


CC 3313 (13)

CC 3313 LOT 5: Twin JUDGE son. Good figures. Very good fat ram, with excellent covering. Good mother


CC 3192 (1)

CC 3285 LOT 14: Tweeling PRONK seun uit ‘n briljante ma. Tweeling broer LOT 44.  Hou hom dop. Pragtige Samestelling.

CRC 2425 (4)WEB CC2425 (14)

CRC 2425 LOT 12.  Twin ram.  Used in the stud with great success for the past two years.  Mother has sold lambs to the value of R25 400.


CC3359 (7)

CC 3359 LOT 41: Fabulous pedigree with the looks to match.  Very good GENETICS twin son out of a BAKGAT granddaughter from JUDGES mother.


CC 3299 (8)

CC 3299 -LOT 46: Twin Pronk son on a daughter from BUCCANEER’S mother.  Good conformation AND PEDIGREE!

CC3294 (1)CC 3294 (2)CC 3294 LOT 45: Very good twin brother kept in stud.  Other brother stud ram LOT 12.  Remarkable mother, most expensive ewe last year.


CC 3285 (26)

CC 3258 LOT 56: Replacement Ram. Twin son of MUSCLE KING.  Literally just came out of the ewes!


CC 3248 (12)

CC 3248 LOT 13: Belowende stoet ram van JUDGE.  Moeder s ander lam vir R10 000 verkoop op Bloemfontein nasionale veiling.  Besonderse stewige ram.

 CC 3243 (2)CC 3243 LOT 40:  Dalk bietjie aan die groot kant maar pragtige samestelling. PRONK seun.

 CC 3223 (6)CC 3223 LOT 61. Replacement Ram for LOT 61.  BLUP son JUST OUT OF THE EWES.  He was kept out for own use but replaced the original lot 61 because we were not happy with his sperm count.

 CC 3209 (11)CC 3209 LOT 19:  Twin PRONK son.  PRONK on a BUCCANEER daughter.  Mothers ewe lamb LOT 73. A ram with attitude and style. Good covering and composition.


CC 3203 (8)

CC 3203 LOT 17: Beautiful strong ram, out of a less known bloodline. LOERIES on a ROOINEK daughter.

 CC 3192 (20)CC 3192 LOT 49: Solid PRONK son with good figures.  Strong head.


CC 3189 (8)

CC 3189 LOT 15: GENETICS son out of BUCCANEERS mother.  Last year ram sold for R11 000.  Daughters LOT 97 and LOT 8.  Good attitude and covering.


 CC 3087 (1)CC 3087 LOT 9:  Stud ram that I kept back from Griekwastad Veldram Sale.  Excellent mother LOT 18.  Twin sister LOT 38.